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Shannon-Leigh ran 80km on the road recently in a time of 6 hours, 36 mins 25 secs - she won overall and broke her own NZ record over 6 hours.
Shannon-Leigh is a New Zealand endurance athlete with a passion for ultra-running and pushing beyond her limits. She trains fulltime around her fulltime job, namely her  business “endurance athlete”. Shannon is committed to achieving the highest standard she can in her sport of ultra running.

One of her goals is to race for NZ at the IAU World Champs 100km (road) in 2017 and run a sub 8 hour 100km as qualification. As a lead up goal Shannon is training the next two to three years to race the fastest marathon she possibly can, as she needs this to race her 100k goal.. Shannon has worked hard the last few years and this is a long term goal that has been planned out over three years with a series of mini goals.  Shannon will continue to race trail races and mountain races which supplement marathon and ultra training. Her 2015 goals are focused on shorter distances to improve her speed while still racing a couple of ultra races in America where she has chosen to focus her racing over the next two years.

Shannon-Leigh ran 500 km in five and a half days for Shine in December 2013 on mountain, soft sand, and trail and track terrain.

Personal bests:
80km road -6 hours,36 mins

100km trail – 10 hours, 10 mins

100 km road/rail trail – 8 hours, 46 mins

6 hour track – 71.9 km (GPS: 74km)

15 km – 1 hour, 1 minute, 28 seconds

10 km – 39 mins, 20 secs

5 km- 18 mins, 28 secs

2015 race results to date:

Winner 80km -  ultra 6 hours 36 mins and new record over 6 hours

New Plymouth marathon – 4th female

Bedrock Ultra 53 km trail, Christchurch, NZ – first female, 5th overall

Wanaka trail marathon – 3rd female

2014 – Races: recent 

·         Tararewa trail 50 km NZ, November  2014 – 2nd Woman (5th overall)

·         Duncan's 100 km Mountain race Australia  December 2014 – 1st Woman

·         Blackhall Ultra trail 100km Australia, Sunshine Coast – 2nd Place Woman (3rd overall)

·         X-terrea Waihi 60 km Kaimai Killer - Waihi, NZ - 1st Place female

·         BearChase 50 Lakewood, Colorado, USA - 2nd place

·         Revel Rockies Marathon, Denver, Coloradao, USA - 3rd Place

·         Ultra Race of Champions 100 km Mountain Ultra, Copper Mountain, USA - 5th Place (14 hours, 4 mins)

·         Devils Mountain Ultra 50km - Pagoso Springs, USA - 3rd Place

·         Vibram Hong Kong Mountain 100 km - 11th Place

·         White River 50 miler, Washington, USA – (went wrong way, completed extra 10km)

·         The Hillary trail – 3rd female

·         Northburn 100km mountain race- Cromwell – 3rd female

·         Morrinsville half marathon – 1st female

·         Hamilton half marathon 2014 – 5th female

·         Blenheim marathon – 3rd female

·         Rotorua half marathon – 3rd female

·         X-terra Rotorua trail 10km -2nd female

Career Highlights:

·         2013: 500km in 5.5 days Mountain, Beach, Trail and track – 100 km per day

·         2012: Christchurch to Akaroa – 160km

·         Christchurch to Picton for charity – Ronald McDonald with Jamie Milne

·         Badwater pacer and crew for Nikki Wynd 2014, Death Valley, Nevada

·         2014: 118 km unsupported solo run through Rotorua to Kawerau

·         2013: Ned Kelly 100 km trail/road, Australia - 8 hours, 46 mins, 1st place and record holder

·         2013: NZ track 6 hour race -record holder, 1st place

·         2014: Ultra Race of Champions Mountain 100km, Colorado, USA – 5th female

·         2013: Taupo Mountain half marathon walk – 3rd

·         2013: ANZ 100KM road Champs, Christchurch, New Zealand - Ist place

·         2013: Great Naseby Water Race 100 km trail race - Naseby, New Zealand - 1st Place 10 hours, 10 mins

·         2013: Northburn 100 km Mountain race, South Island, NZ - 2nd place

·         2013: Moleswoth 85 km trail race, Hamner Springs NZ - 1st women, 3rd overall

·         2013: 500km in five and half days - Track, trail, beach and Mountain

·         2013: Australian 100km Champs – Gold Coast 4th female, 2014 (3rd female)

·         2012: Great Naseby Water Race – 100km winner

·         2012: 100km Athletics Champs runner up

2010-2011- self supported 50 km, Port Hills, 100km plus many half marathon events and running consistently for the last few years, however only running for fitness 5 times a week training for soccer and dancing. First half marathon at 24 years of age.  Shannon has run thousands of miles and run for 15 years. She knows what it is like to start and is keen to share her knowledge.

Shannon is committed to achieving the highest standard she possibly can over the next few years in her sport. Shannon has raced and completed 35 ultra marathons on trail, road and mountain. Shannon ran 500km in 5.5 days for charity. She has raced internationally in the USA, Asia, Australia and NZ

Career highlights:

NZ 6 hour Track female record holder - 2013

Australian Ned Kelly 100km Record Holder - 8 hours, 46 mins 2013

Ultra Race of Champions 100km Mountain  Race, Copper Mountain, Colorado USA - 5th female 2014

Favourite running -Long long climbs, loves uphills running & fast non technical trail terrain. This is a photo by the Blue Lake Rotorua (credit L Marceau)

Shannon is launching her website endurance athlete at the end of May

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