Thursday, 12 June 2014

Example of diet

Breakfast - omlette with spinich 3 eggs. One piece of gluten free toast. Or home made pale muesli

snack - fruit & protein shake or chocolate milk

Lunch - pumpkin,  almond salad with spinich & cottage cheese, or sandwich with vegetables

snack - yogurt and nuts such as almonds & Brazil Nuts

Dinner - sometimes fish, with salad. Or roast vegetables, lentil soup. Lots of vegetables.
Stir fry tofu & veges. Lots of stir Fries. Wraps with falafel. Vegetarian lasagne, lots of tomato and spinich.

Dessert -ice cream sugar free, own fruit crumble with gluten free base, avocado chocolate moose.

pre bed snack as dinner is early - banana & milk or toast and almond butter.

pre race breakfast- 2 pieces of gluten free toast with almond butter. Black coffee. Avoid dairy 48 hours prior to race
If on the run unable to cook - balance bars, subway.Try to cook a lot & make food for the following day. Inspired by my partner at the time who did some catering for functions, to practice cooking.

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