Monday, 13 April 2015

Motivational Talk - Legal

Seminar 27 May, 6 pm at the Villas Christchurch, cost $115 per person (some food included)

This talk is Proudly Sponsored by one of my sponsors Pure Delish

Thanks for stopping at this blog. The Endurance Athlete website will be launched next month with details of seminars and running workshops. I am establishing a online forum & also facilitating motivational talks throughout Canterbury & Boulder, Colorado where I train and work in winter.

Please see a short bio here:

The legal motivational seminar is something I have designed over the past few months, while I was living in the USA. It is suitable for everyone, and there is a strong emphasis on those entering the profession about work life balance. I am sure everyone will take something away from the seminar.

The cost is $115 per person and Firm discounts are available - please email to discuss.
This seminar is suitable for lawyers, legal exec and office staff. I use my experience in the law and as an ultra distance runner to present it to you. The last seminar I ran limited at 50 sold out and it was a privilege to offer my advice to a number of women through my running.

In regards to “counting it” for CPD hours there are a few points here:
 1. For teaching related activities - the learning objective is strategies of how to deal with stress in the workplace and there a clear link to how this has an impact on peoples practise. There is a strong link between productivity and mental wellbeing, worklife balance. I will discuss the research I conducted when studying an LLM where I assisted with the presentation to Waikato University in regard to workplace stress. I note that there is time available at the end for feedback and discussion. The seminar discusses the impact of occupational stress & I have some case examples, however this seminar focuses on strategies of dealing with stress. I use my running as a mechanism of how to explain this. In particular the 500km I ran for charity.
2.       It would need to be delivered at tertiary level of equivalent - this will be delivered in the form of a presentation (power point) with hand outs (short) and an opportunity to ask questions.
3.     to be counted towards the CPD there need to be time for feedback and interaction from all participants. The numbers are small and will be limited to 50 and so there will be time for discussion and feedback.
4.       The planned discussion interaction time will be in between each part of the seminar.

It is really up to you whether you want to use this towards the CPD. I have had some recent success with my seminars and I know that I am able to reach out to people through what I have achieved in my running. I will speak about my running & how this relates to success  in the workplace.
In 2013 I ran 500 km over 5 days for charity on mountain, beach, trail and track. For further information and recent race results see:

I race once a month and I focus on racing in the USA which I feel is a second home. Please do not hesitate to follow my face book page which can be accessed publicly:


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