Saturday, 31 January 2015

Approach- whole foods nourish the body

Approach to training nutrition - Nourish the body
I now take a whole food approach and do not eat sugar, grains, bread, cereal. I eat a high fat and low carb diet. I hardly ever eat when I am going out running for less than four hours. I will drink water and take salt pills. If I do eat during the run/training run less than 3 hours I will go for higher calorie foods that are ground down such as cashew butter, as it gets annoying having to chew and eat while running on the trails. Racing all I can say is I start fuelling immediately and eat even when I do not want to. I know the foods now that do not give me tummy issues.

I find eating cheese, nuts etc I stay fuller for longer and they reduce cravings so I am less likely to get back from a run and eat a whole lot of food with little nutritional value. I have to be prepared and so I am often cooking at night – roast veges, boiled eggs to have in the fridge ready for the next day or two. I also have smoothie mixtures ready to pop in the mixer so I do not have to think what flavours go with what, they are ready to go. I get a sense of satisfaction of making my own food and meals because I know what is in my food.

I eat three meals a day and try to eat more during the day so I sleep well at night and so my blood sugar does not spike. For example, I will always have protein with a banana otherwise I am hungry again after an hour, so I might have almonds as well.
I eat within half an hour of a training session a meal of protein and carbohydrates

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