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two races - what I did that went well - Ultra running

What I did in two races that went well – Timing runs, eating & massage timing


NOTE: Prior to racing a 6 hour track race in New Zealand in  2013 and the Ned Kelly 100 km in Australia - I had focused on a diet of limited carbohydrates (processed)  the four weeks before the race and I would carb load in that I would only eat carbs four days before the race.


To carb load before too much is unnecessary in my experience. You may take a different view. I am not a nutritionist and I am only writing about what has worked for me through reading books and trial and error/journaling my own training.


3 weeks before – I eat a higher protein diet, as often four weeks before a race I have a higher Km volume and eat more protein to repair


I REGARD a 3 week taper plus a 3 week nutrition focus is necessary for peak performance.  I starved myself of lollies, sugar stuff in three weeks prior in order to bounce off the walls during race day. I felt that not eating too much sugar before the race really helped when I ate it during race.


How to get over a sugar hang over after an ultra. That is another blog.


What I ate during the races


It often depends on the intensity and terrain of the race.

In these races which were reasonably high intensity for me:

I used gels and chia seed bars with honey and the occasional Boosta bar to settle the tummy. I would carb load with R-Line in the form of fluid. I only use it before and after the race. That is another blog.

Timing/races and training

I raced a NZ 6 hour track race 3 weeks prior to the 100km race in Australia which I felt such timing was optimal. It would also be a good idea to do a marathon as a substitute for the 6 hour race before 100km. I would then do a faster 30km two weeks before 100km to boost performance on race day.  Then I did a 5km 10 days before 100km at almost my maximum pace.   This is usually close to a personal best over this distance and it isn't done after a higher intensity session the day before, I do it well rested.

I also got a massage 9 days out from each race and that worked perfectly. I have experimented with this and feel anything more than five days out has affected my performance. This is my own guide and I reflect on my own book/journal.

If anyone is interested in the training in the weeks leading up to these races please advise.

I had been recovering from being hit by a car and so four months before I was in the slow endurance phase of training where I couldn’t run very fast so it was longer slow runs. 8 weeks before a personal best I had incorporated gym work, some boxing, core strength and cross fit type exercises designed by Jamie Milne. I regard his method of training very helpful in the sharpening phase after an endurance base is built.  I used my background in aerobics to help with excercise form.

Performing in both of these races made me realise that my oringinal advanced marathon based training from "Advanced Marathoning" and the Milne method re:cross fit worked well, also the massage, nutrition.


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