Saturday, 7 March 2015

Northburn 50 Tips

Make sure you check the compulsory equipment & that you have it all
Be grateful!  for everything
Thank the race organisers & volunteers there's a lot of behind the scenes work
finish no matter what no matter if you are sore, don't whine try and stay focused and positive
It can get hot - have a blister strategy if needed. Vaseline feet
Take on board plenty of water- you will need it
Your choice of shoes - it's rough under foot, big rocks in places- plan shoes
Sunblock face and body
Hike the hills fast
Plan your race nutrition- you need a good breakfast Though don't go overboard with too much food. Pay attention to food 72 hours before as it can take that time to properly digest depending what
Don't carb load if that's what you don't do eat normally
Take food- ideally this is planned around intensity, in terms of what it is. Aim for 150 calls per half hour
Have a plan if your hydration bladder bursts ideally a plastic snap lock bag
Plan for the worst though know faith above belief will get you through
Post photos on social media as evidence you actually did the race lol
Study the elevation profile though don't over plan the race- profile found here-

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