Saturday, 7 March 2015

Training week 9 March

Hill training/ Speed phase

9 March Monday
20km recovery run, run and walk

Tuesday 10 March
circuit 1
Warm up- 30 mins
Run up hill 500 m high knees
Jog 4 min
Repeat x4 then sprint 200 metres on flat x4 rest
Do this for min 60 min
Cool down 15 min

Pm - 10 km recovery run

Tues 11 March
(Am) Repeat circuit one - Ripaki hill

weights, Xtrain - ie: cycle
(Pm) yoga

Wednesday 12 March
Circuit 2
Warm up 5km jog
Grass -10 x 150 metre sprints on flat
Push ups 10
Burpees 10
Lunges 20 each leg
(Repeat circuit of Pu, B and L - 15 mins)

Cool down- run home jog/walk

(Pm) 15 km easy running

Thursday 13 March
(Am)  repeat yesterday circuit 2

(Pm) 60 min trail run

Friday 14 March
(Am) circuit one again

(Pm)  YOGA

Saturday 15 March
(Am) 5 km TT did just over 19 min last week so aim sub 19

(Pm) Repeat circuit 2 sprints etc

Sunday 16 March
(Am) Run 3 hours (road) at 5 min per Km pace, then 8 mins at 4 min per km to finish, cool down walk trail

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