Thursday, 9 April 2015

The future of my Racing short term

I will not be racing the Buffalo Stampede this weekend, due to an injured foot  due to speed work over technical trail terrain. I have now rested it and it has heeled. I taped my feet and ankles in an unsupported and solo adventure over Easter and by the second day it had improved.

I will be racing the Wanaka Marathon on 18 April which is a trail race, This will be a target race. I am keen to race in the South Island more this year in races such as the Shot over Moonlight Marathon, and possibly Mt Difficulty because I like long climbs.

I will also be racing the Christchurch Marathon.

I had announced that this year I would sit out the 100 km champs, however in essence I feel in probably the best shape mentally to race it. I am not changing to enter this - I have said I am not and so I am going to stick with it,.

Persistence and consistent training has always been a focus. It is not what you do or don't do on one day - it is the combined baby steps you take over each year to reach your goal. I have been very self focused the last 3 months and I feel like I am starting to get results.

 I have practised mental toughness the last year and really focused on it. It has helped me motivate others through my boot camps and the motivation of the other women and how I can see their improvement really motivates me to do well in my own racing. Without practising my own mental toughness I could not have motivated others. I feel like I am making a difference.

Last year I was badly injured with a torn glute mead yet I continued to race. The year before I was hit by a car and while I won the title I couldn't race my best. I had planned to look at the 50km, however after an analysis of how I race, I feel the 80 km would suit me in the lead up to the Christchurch marathon - it is four weeks before and enough time to taper. I have not made a final decision on this yet. I feel a 50km at max pace would effect me in the Christchurch Mararthon.  I will announce this next week however it is likely I will race the 50 Miler - 80 km and look at 100km in Australia.

I meet with my mentor next Tuesday so I will make a decision after I have spoken to him.

I may have some opportunities in Boulder Colorado and so I am finalising those for July. I am waiting to hear back about some opportunities for going back to race in the US combined with work through my running. I feel lucky and grateful that my running is giving me opportunities to travel across the world.

Stay tuned people and thank you for following my page. I really appreciate my step sister Catie Wilkinson for setting up a face page for me as an athlete - this was not my idea at all though I have gone with it:-)
 I was touted at a charity run a few years ago as old fashioned - so I feel very fortunate my family have helped!

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